Chakra Oil Set Of 7



Chakras are the subtle energy blueprint for the physical manifestation of the human form. The main purpose in gaining awareness of the chakras system is to assist you to achieve a state of harmony within yourself. 

Our body’s energy pathways, otherwise known in Sanskrit as “Chakras”, are metaphysically interpreted as our database of each thought, emotion or memory of an experience. These are recorded not only in our cells, but stored in our Chakras. The state of each Chakra also reflects the health of our endocrine system.

Aromatherapy can be used to balance and harmonise chakras so that all the chakras are vibrating at their optimal level. Aromatherapy is an effective tool for healing and strengthening them. Essential oils can be used in baths, in massages and even in diffusers to help restore the balance and strengthen any weakness.

You can wear them during meditation or your yoga practice - add them to your bath water and relax while you balance yourself within ; or even wear them as a fragrance.

Always use with a carrier when used directly on the skin

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