I am the ‘relatively new’ distributor for Africology in Asia & in less than a year have had to answer or research the answer to so many questions on essential oils. I was literally taken aback at the interest in & knowledge about essential oils in the people I have met through Africology in Singapore.

I am passionate about our brand & the beauty & nature of the natural formulations but I soon realised I have a lot to learn about essential oils and natural ingredients.

I’m using this blog to share the knowledge I gain, the tried and tested wisdom from our founder & research I do on the subject of natural essential living.

In Short:
Essential oils are the essences of a plant that allow a plant to smell the way it does. Africology utilises 100% natural essential oils, which have healing properties that can be activated during a massage or breathing exercises. They are a highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants.

These oils can be mixed in to the Africology Essence Free Balm, or mixed with natural base oils such as grape seed oil. Use them in an aromatherapy burner or diffuser to fill the atmosphere with the particular fragrance you wish.

Bringing Ancient Wisdom to Today’s World
Africology’s skincare products have been developed to revitalise the skin and protect it from damage inflicted upon it by free radicals, stress & a harsh climate.

Africology makes use of the purifying essence of some of South Africa’s wonderful indigenous healing plants, namely Rooibos, Aloe Ferox, Marula & African potato. …More about these exotic natural ingredients in upcoming blogs…

Getting essential oils from plants is done with a process called distillation, most including the plant roots, leaves, stems, flowers, peel or bark.

Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal & therapeutic benefits. Because of their antidepressant, stimulating, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral & calming properties, essential oils are popular as natural, safe & cost-effective therapies.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by how to get started with essential oils. I am sharing only a few ways in which you can start using essential oils.

*These methods are intended as guidelines only, & you need to pay special attention to all safety notices applicable for each specific essential oil that you choose.

Essential oils are fat soluble, which means they are immediately absorbed by the skin. Never apply directly to the skin but always mixed and diluted with a carrier oil.

Apply to your wrists, temples, or behind your ears. Simply inhale them from your hands or inhale them in the steam from a bowl of hot water. Add them to your bath or enjoy an Aromatherapy Massage.

Essential oils are one of nature’s best kept secrets.

  • They are easy (& fun) to use
  • Non-toxic to our body, our children* & our pets*
  • Kind to our environment & the planet
  • Promote emotional & physical wellbeing
  • Improve the quality of our lives
  • An alternative solution which works
  • More benefits rather than side effects

At Africology we have a passion for the healing powers of plant life & the restorative power of essential oils. At the same time we deeply respect the wisdom of our traditional healers and it is our intention to share this wisdom with all and work actively to preserve it.

Africology’s definition of natural

“That which is present in or produced by nature, not artificial or synthetic in any way”

The health of your skin is more important than a cosmetic appearance of a light gentle application! It is the quality of the ingredient that counts.



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Join me on this journey to Essential Living